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Schedule with Our Massage Therapists

Simply click a therapists name to open the calendar scheduling link.  Select your preferred day to open up available 1 hour time slots.

Select your preferred time – then put in your name, phone and email along with an optional message.  Click… Send Request.

You are now scheduled for a massage on that day and time.  Multiple appointments can be scheduled this way.

Do you want HOT STONE or CUPPING? Learn More
Gisela D. Mendoza Sanchez, LMT

Gisela D. Mendoza Sanchez, LMT

Gisela 60-minute Massage



Steven Boylan, LMT

Steven 60-minute Massage


60 min. session $100.00….regular billing rate
60 min. session $75.00…..discounted rate paid at time of service – (rate without insurance)
Hot Stone $20.00…..a non-covered service by insurance (massage & hot stone – $95.00 total without insurance)
Cupping $20.00…..a non-covered service by insurance (massage & cupping – $95.00 total without insurance)

We will bill your insurance for any covered services we provide. If you are interested in 90-minute sessions, please discuss this with your therapist on your next session. These services need to be pre-arranged.


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